Provider LARC Insertion Training


Free, in-person training is available for eligible health care providers who want to insert Nexplanon.  All interested providers must go online and enter the required information. A Nexplanon trainer will then contact you to let you know when and where local insertion training will be scheduled.

The Nexplanon insertions training is a free, three-hour, hands-on workshop given by Merck for eligible medical providers. Nexplanon certifications will be awarded upon successful completion of the training. For more information, contact the Merck regional representative Sia Sengos at


Activis provides on-site Liletta insertion training. A representative from Activis will come with demonstration kits for providers to practice and for training purposes. The demonstration kits also come with insertion instructions. There is no specific allotment of time needed for training. In fact, Actavis says roughly 10 minutes is all that’s needed to demonstrate and train a physician on inserting Liletta, depending on their level of experience with IUDs. It may take a bit longer if a provider does not have any experience inserting IUDs. Training consists of explaining the different parts of the device and demonstrating how to use.

View an insertion video, which walks through the steps to insert. Depending on the level of experience, the video may be sufficient enough to train some physicians on inserting

On-site Liletta IUD training can be requested by contacting the regional representative Jessica Vitt at No certification is required.


Teva offers on-site training Paragard insertions training. Jennifer Pfau can come to a clinic at a time best suited for your office and demonstrate Paragard insertions. She will bring pelvic models and IUD demos that provide hands-on practice. There is no certification; however, the demonstration allows the providers hands-on experience and comfort to begin insertion in offices. Teva will bring training kits and leave with your office, which includes a USB, and step-by-step pamphlet for insertion after the training. Check out online resources. No certification is required.

On-sight Paragard training can be requested by contacting the regional representative Jennifer Pfau at

Mirena and Skyla:

Bayer offers on-site IUD training for providers. Contact Matt Sample at to schedule training. Bayer also has online training modules. No certification is required.