Prenatal Care

Strategy #2 of OBBO’s key initiatives: Improve Prenatal Care Systems and Support for Highest Risk Families

Prenatal care is essential to monitor the progress of a women’s pregnancy and identify potential problems that can result in a negative birth outcome. Women who receive late or no prenatal care are at higher risk of having babies that:

  • Arrive too soon
  • Are born too small
  • Have birth defects
  • Have developmental issues
  • Develop chronic medical conditions


↑ Increase the number of women who receive prenatal care within their first trimester

↑ Increase the number of women that receive prenatal care and pregnancy support services


  • Implement a centralized information and referral service for pregnant women to ensure enrollment in prenatal care
  • Assess the current need for prenatal care and the availability of prenatal care to determine gap in the availability of care

Resources and Printable Handouts

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