Reproductive Health

Strategy #1 of OBBO’s key initiatives: Improve Reproductive Health Planning Access and Education

Reproductive health means that women, men and youth will have the knowledge and access to services they need to make safe and responsible life-planning decisions that are critical to individual and family well-being.

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↑ Increase the number of women initiating Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives
↑ Increase the number of women with safe spacing (18 months) between one birth and her next pregnancy
↓ Decrease the number of teen pregnancies


  • Provide consistent information to doctors and health care professionals regarding all reproductive health care options (including natural family planning), with emphasis on the most effective methods
  • Increase access to efficacy-based reproductive counseling, including the Choice Contraceptives Project

LARC Provider Resources

Resources and Printable Handouts

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Safe Spacing Postcard

Teen Contraceptives-Brochure_tn

  • Map of Clinics in Central Ohio that Provide LARCs (PDF)


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