Parental Consent Requirements

Parental consent requirements for minors access to contraceptive services varies widely across Franklin County. While Ohio has no explicit policy on minor’s authority to consent to contraceptive services, local agencies and clinics maintain policies regarding minors and consent to reproductive health services. View a list of OBBO clinic members’ women’s health clinics and their consent requirements.

Clinics funded through Title X grants, however, may not require written consent of parents or guardians for the provision of services to minors. Nor can the project notify parents or guardians before or after a minor has requested and received Title X family planning services. Therefore, Planned Parenthood and Columbus Health Department, both Title X recipients, do provide confidential contraceptive services to minors without a parental consent.

The following resources can help guide providers with adolescent consent issues. Patients should be encouraged to verify consent requirements prior to attending their first appointment.